“I chose these guys because their website was the coolest and easiest to navigate and they had the clearest way of presenting what they offered at a very competitive price. And talking with Sam on the phone ahead of time clinched the deal. I trusted this guy. Again, best of luck on your venture, you guys were first-class!!! My only regret was that I didn’t bring along a camera so I could take some photos. Cheers!”
-Jay Katz

“Hey Sam, I loved my lesson, Nick and Cooper were great, real nice and I had a blast with them. I’m so excited for my next lesson (even though my arms are still sore, but in a good way). Thanks again, really looking forward to my next lesson!”
-Jennie R.

“Learning surfing with Nick was a fantastic experience. It was a lot of fun, I learned a lot and I always felt safe in the water. After a few days with Nick’s instructions I was able to go out in the ocean to catch some real waves on my own! 
If you want to learn surfing you should really do it with these guys!”
-Markus Nawrath (Germany)

“I was standing and riding waves on my first lesson! I had a blast. I should have done this a long time ago. Thanks.” -Eric M.

“I had a really good time. I’ll be taking more lessons soon. Thanks for the quality
instruction. Cooper is great.”
-Annie W.

“Our instructor, Sam, was great! One of my daughters got up on her very first try! We had a great time. Thanks!”

“I wanted you to know what a great experience your instructors provided to my children on Saturday, July 28. All five of them walked away w/ such smiles on their faces it made the drive more than worth it! Although my 8 year old didn’t participate too long, she still enjoyed the time your instructors spent w/ her. I appreciate the fact they went out of their way to encourage her and include her (we are very grateful). The older children spent the rest of the day talking about it and how much they want to get more lessons, definitely from your school. My 15-year-old son said, “They were really great instructors and should get a raise”. Unfortunately the rest of our summer is booked but we will definitely be planning for next year. Forgive me if I seem to be repeating “how grateful we are”, it is very rare when I give compliments. The most important thing to me is, not just good service from a company but great service. When it comes to kids, my husband and I feel it is very important that the impression they walk away w/ should be positive and I cannot begin to tell you how many bad ones we have encountered. The owner of those companies, along w/ the BBB, got a letter as well, no where as nice as this one! So once again, thank you, and please convey my gratitude to your instructors. I apologize for not remembering their names. Attached is a picture. Print it, keep it, delete it, makes no difference, just wanted you to see the happy faces!”
-Shirley A. Hinslea

Yelp Reviews

Nick and his team are awesome! They set me up with lessons upon my arrival to LA with less than a day’s notice. They were friendly and knowledgeable about where and when was best to go. As I progressed, they let me try various sized boards and made recommendations, which proved to be very helpful. Also, their instructor to student ratio made it feel like a personal lesson even though we were a large group.
If you havekids, definitely take lessons from this school. I observed them with kids in my class and they were awesome, very encouraging and attentive. After several failed attempts at lessons in Santa Monica and Venice with other surf schools that were non-responsive, no shows, and a variety of other scams, Santa Monica Surf School was very professional and responsive. I highly recommend taking lessons from them!
 I’m already looking forward to going back for another session!
A.R. – San Francisco, CA

Got my daughter surf lessons for her 16th birthday. These guys are amazing!!! I highly recommend them.
Lisa S. – Los Angeles, CA

I took a lesson with my little brother. The instructors were amazing and so helpful! The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because the instructor had a girlfriend! They’re total babes. But I’ll be back every summer anyways….
Mandy M – Hollywood, CA

I went to this school for the first time back in February. I can say that Nick not only
taught me the fundamentals of surfing, but also instilled the confidence that I could pick up surfing as a hobby. I learned techniques that I could use away from the board along with websites to buy a board, wetsuit, and monitor the waves. The Santa Monica Surf School is the only place you want to start hitting the waves and I definitely recommend it for people of all ages.
Isaiah L. – Los Angeles, CA

I arranged a group lesson for two adults and two little kids when my sister and nephews were in town and these guys did a phenomenal job. We ended up with three rotating instructors (Nick, Abe, and Thorn) and they were all excellent and able to work with our different skill levels. They were particularly great and patient with the boys, 8 and 5, who were understandably nervous but ended up hooked by the end of the session. The lesson was super fun and was a highlight of everyone’s trip. I would highly recommend this school and crew.
A.C. – Venice, CA

Trip Advisor Reviews

Reviewed July 27, 2014

Well I walked up at 9:15am, asked them if my two boys could take a lesson. Within 30 minutes Vanessa had them ‘hanging ten’ and surfing; mind boggling, really. She was great. They were flexible with the time since we only had about 2 hours in Santa Monica before we needed to leave. I will definitely call them if I go back to Santa Barbara. By 12 noon, we were on way to airport.
Visited July 2014
DTRAIN7 – San Antonio, Texas

My son and I took a 2-hour lesson with Nick on Santa Monica beach. It was fantastic. If you’re at all interested in learning to surf, this is the way to do it. Nick is a great instructor; patient, easy-going, but determined to get you on your feet. I would definitely do this again.
Visited July 2014
Shawn P – Ottawa, Canada

I truly had an amazing time with Nick. He was so helpful and patient. He also got photos/video of me surfing with his go pro. The lesson was two hours long and they provided all the equipment necessary. I recommend Santa Monica Surf School to anyone interested in having a great first experience.
Aidan Rea – Los Angeles, CA